Band Notes - 4/30/17

Band Notes 04/30/2017


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Wrapping up the 2016 season:


Participation in the Memorial Day Parade is mandatory for ALL 2016 Marching Band Members


Memorial Day Parade rehearsals will take place at LHS on following dates:
    Monday, May 15th 6-8:30pm (General Booster Meeting – budget vote)
    Monday, May 22nd 6-8:30p

    Monday, May 29th 8am report time (HS aged students only - this is a FULL uniformed performance)

The district's policy concerning Warriors Marching Band members who are in middle school, is that those students will march the parade as part of the LCSD MIDDLE SCHOOLS marching band. Those students will join the Warriors Marching Band at the Memorial Service (at the cemetery) and will finish the parade with the high schoolers. Both marching bands will conclude the parade with performances for one another at Johnson Park. The Warriors Marching Band will perform excerpts from their Fall 2016 show at that time for the middle school marching band members. As such, middle school Warriors Marching Band members are expected to attend the 15th and 22nd evening rehearsals to reacquaint themselves with the Fall 2016 music as well as the Star Spangled Banner (for the Memorial Service).

This parade was listed on the schedule that came with your membership packet a year ago as one of the MANDATORY dates which you agreed to by signing the Member/Parent Contract. This performance is important for several reasons:

#1 - it is our one "give back" to the Liverpool community for their support of the Warriors Marching Band programs.

#2 - it provides an opportunity for our students to realize that Memorial Day is much more than a parade through their participation in the memorial service at the cemetery (a civics lesson if you will - always looking for "teachable moments")

#3 - this is THE LARGEST opportunity to recruit for next year's marching band by having a "captive audience" at the Johnson Park performance.

This performance is the final requirement of the "season" and is expected for each student to fulfill that requirement as a member of this program. It is realized that many families take this weekend to travel for a variety of reasons and is simply ask that you adjust your plans to be back by 8am on that Monday. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and compliance with this.


Marching Band Show Shoes - If your show shoes no longer fit and you will be needing a new pair, please consider donating.  The Uniform Committee will be accepting gently worn Band Shoes donations after the parade and after open house.  Please look for the return box at these events near the Uniform room.


Looking ahead to the 2017 Season:


Marching Band Open House – Tuesday, May 30th.  Students are to report to the band room at 6pm. Veteran parents are strongly encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet incoming parents and share your Marching Band experiences with those who are considering participation! Parents will meet in the Senior Cafeteria (Room 902/904) at 6pm. Refreshments will be served. Every member will receive a current Student Account Statement at Open House on May 30th so that you will know what the current balance/credit on the account is. Any current credits may be used toward your deposit.


Save the Dates: (The following excerpts are directly taken from the Parent Handbook with the new dates attached)


Off the Line Night – 6/22

A meeting for all marching band members and their parents/guardians held in late June.  This year Off-the-Line night will be Thursday, June 22nd.  Attendance is required by the member and at least one parent as plans and expectations for the year are shared by the Coach and by the Booster officers.  This is where you can ask questions and sign-up to help with any of the several LHS marching band Booster committees.  At a certain point in the meeting, marching band members will be dismissed for rehearsal while parents will stay to find out more about the Booster Club and its activities.


Mini-Band Camp – 6/22 & 6/23

Two days of rehearsal at the end of the school year.  It is the first read through of the music for the marching band season.  Rehearsal runs from mid-afternoon to 9:00 pm.  Band members who need rides often make carpool arrangements.



Band Camp August 14th -18th

A week of intensive rehearsal held during August and is not to be missed.  This is where all the components of the marching band come together to form a cohesive show.  Practice is from 8:00 – 12:00, 1pm - 4pm (sectionals) and from 5:45 – 9:00 in the evening.   


Thinking Ahead:


Spots are available now for sign-up at the DOME

Please review Sign Up genius and sign up for available slots.