Band Notes 9/15/16

Band Notes9/15/2016


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As a reminder please do not park in the circle by the band field or in the fire lane by the Fine Arts entrance.  Cars stopped in the Fire Lanes create a safety hazard. There are plenty of parking spaces to park in.  Pit equipment must be moved from the field back to the school.  When you park in the fire lanes it makes it very difficult for the members and the equipment crew to move the pit equipment. Cars parked in the Fire Lane will be asked to move.


Saturday 9/17—Baldwinsville Show (6:00 pm start)


Baker High School

29 East Oneida Street
Baldwinsville, New York 13027


1:15 pm—Rehearsal begins

4:30 pm –Dinner/Dress for show

5:45 pm—Leave for show

7:45 pm—PERFORM!

9:30 pm—Return to LHS


Times are subject to change and report times may be earlier for certain groups. It is the member's responsibility to pay attention to announcements by staff and section leaders at end of practice on Thursday's. If you are not there it is your responsibility to contact your section leader, not other members.


Please make sure you either send a dinner with your member or are there before dinner break with it.


Weekly Bus Assignment for Shows

Bus 1 - Drumline (Battery & Pit)

Bus 2 - Guard, Ninjas

Bus 3 - Woodwinds

Bus 4 - Brass


Students are expected to dress up for school on Friday’s in honor of their competition on Saturday. 


With the competitive season is upon us and there are a few things you need to know:


Presale Tickets


Patti Hung, Jennifer Caporin and Tracey Folley will be selling advance sale tickets for the Saturday shows and will be available at the Booster Table on Thursdays and at the Fine Arts entrance at the dinner break on Saturdays.  These tickets are available for purchase (cost usually is $6 each, saving yourself $2 per ticket and standing in line at the show). Please be prepared with exact change, not all schools will accept personal checks, if they do checks must be made payable to that school's booster organization.


All buses are Food Free.

Due to numerous food allergies among members all buses must remain food free.  Nothing will be eaten on the bus.


Members are expected to return to the school on the bus after competitions.

Occasionally a member will need to leave a show with a parent.  The Directors require that a note is turned in on the Thursday before the show. This note should state who will be picking up the Member and the Member is responsible for letting the Directors/Head Chaperone know when their ride has arrived and that they are leaving.


IMPORTANT!  Uniforms reminders


Black Socks

Members must wear black socks with their uniforms.  The socks must be high enough that their legs are not exposed when lifted.


Band members


You are responsible for taking care of your uniform - treat it with respect


-there is to be no "rough play" while in uniform (this includes chasing other band members either inside or outside).  Do not drop your shako on the ground.

-uniforms are to be hung on the hanger

       -pant legs are to be pulled out and the pants folded neatly over the hanger;  creases should be matched up.  Nothing should be left in the pocket of the pants.

       -gauntlets should be folded over the pants which are ON the hanger

       -the jacket should be on the hanger and hooked at the top so it doesn't fall off

 - the only thing that should be in your uniform bag is your uniform (jacket, pants, gauntlets, gloves, berets)---ALL t-shirts and socks MUST BE TAKEN HOME and washed after every show.  Please do NOT leave them in the uniform bag

-please make sure you have all parts of your uniform before returning it to the closet-this includes gloves.  If you lose your gloves you will be given a pair of used(washed) gloves.

-Please remember to wear your show shirt under your jacket-it is part of your uniform (t-shirts are required-please do not wear tank tops)

-the only thing that belongs in your shako box is your shako-do not leave gloves in your shako box

-please take care of your shako-do not drop it on the ground or shove gauntlets etc. in them--also please do not pull hard on the chin straps.  We are experiencing a lot of breakage of the side button pins and the medallion pins.  This year shakos have been assigned by number.  The number is inside the shako and can be found on the tags on the uniform bag and shako box.

-There is no food or drink allowed in the uniform room.

-Finish eating before putting on your uniform on show days.  NO FOOD near you while you are dressing for a show.

-Limit after show snacks to those that will not stain your uniform.

Members must wear black socks with their uniforms.  The socks must be high enough that their legs are not exposed when lifted.


Show Tips

A few tips for attending shows: 

Attached is a perfect summary of how to attend a marching band show.  Remember, our students love to have people in the stands cheering them on, and it is great if they can look out and see a sea of orange with ‘Pool people all sitting together.  It is also important to remember that all marching band programs work hard and deserve our respect and admiration.


· You may want to get to the shows as close to the start of them as possible to get good seats.  The stadiums tend to fill up quickly and choice seats are near the 50 yard line.

· It is a good idea to bring a blanket or something to sit on.  The bleachers can get hard!

· Bring layers.  Once the sun goes down it can get chilly quickly this time of year.


Parents please remember that the kids need our support.  Show up at performances and cheer them on…they all appreciate our support!


The group has a tradition of going to Applebee’s on Route 31 after the show. (Applebee’s offers us great specials such as ½ price appetizers.) We hope to see you there!