Band Notes 7/10/16

Band Notes7/10/2016


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Final car wash numbers from Saturday, July 9:


Goodyear Bayberry: $555.75 (Thank you Kristie and Tom Roeder with help from Tracy Rheume)

Firehouse #1 Liverpool: $500 (Thank you Dave Martini, Katie Rose and Denise Markowsky)

Fastrac Moyers Corners: $367.80 (Thank you Ami and Rob LaDuc, Karen Santy and Debra Dobroski)

Fuccilo Kia: $150 (Thank you Shawna Phillips and Nancy Cassella)

TOTAL: $1,573.59!!!!!!!



Rookie/New Parent Night will be held on Monday July 11th @ 6pm


An evening open to all NEW members of the Warriors Marching Band, this "Rookie Night" will be a chance for all new members to ask questions, get some extra help and encouragement, and bond with their fellow band mates!  This event will include individualized attention in music, playing a new instrument (if applicable), marching basics, and fun activities with this year's Student Leadership. 


Come and get some time with just the staff and your section leaders before you head off for vacation in a relaxed environment where you can ask the questions you'll have after Off-the-Line Camp and make sure you know what to practice before the full band comes back together in July. 


Parents of new members are also invited and encouraged to come and meet your Booster Buddies as well as the members of the Executive Board.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of how our organization works and what you can do to be a part of it all.  Enjoy some refreshments and we will help you sort through all of the information that was distributed at Off-the-Line. We know you left with your heads swimming, this is a low key night designed to help you figure out the Marching Band and Booster Organization. Drop your members off for Rookie Night and join us in the Senior Cafeteria/room 902.


This event is NOT mandatory, but is highly encouraged for all new members ONLY! 


Full band Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals begin

on Tuesday July 12th from 5:45-9:00pm.



All students should be well hydrated and fed before any rehearsal begins......just as an athlete would.


Summer Rehearsals:

“Summer” rehearsals start with the first pre-season rehearsal and continue up to the beginning of Band Camp in August. Members are expected to attend a minimum of four rehearsals during this time period. As previously noted an excuse for any planned absence from a rehearsal or performance needs to be submitted in writing to the Director at least two weeks in advance and must include the reason for the upcoming absence.



Casa de Jorge Salsa    


Orders and payments are due July 12th


Casa De Jorge's Salsas are handcrafted to perfection so they have an unrivaled taste and quality that you won't find with any other salsa. We source out with the freshest and finest ingredients available. All you need is one taste and you will see why our salsas are so addicting.


Order forms were distributed at Off-the-Line and are attached to this email


Orders and payment must be turned in at the end of rehearsal on 7/12

Chairperson:  Nancy LaFond-Blair                Phone:   256-4510




July General Booster Meeting is

Thursday, July 14th 6:00PM

Liverpool High School

room 902 (Senior Cafeteria)

We hope to see you there!


The Boosters are You!  The Marching Band Boosters is an organization consisting of parents and guardians who would like to participate in the direction of the Liverpool Marching Warriors. 


The goal of the Booster organization is to support the Marching Band Program; to develop and carry out fundraising and other projects which assist with keeping actual out of pocket costs as low as possible; to help promote the Marching Band programs within the school district and the greater community. 



Paperwork for Marching Band participation

If you still have yet to turn in your paperwork, please contact Wanda Kenny at to arrange to get the paperwork to her ASAP!!!


Paperwork that must be turned in for each season is as follows:

·        the Family Questionnaire

·        the Emergency Medical Treatment form –MUST BE NOTARIZED

·        the Field Trip Permission form

·        the signed Code of Conduct

·        the signed Student Account Contract with benchmarks listed.    (Please note – this Contract is not the short form that was received early on!  The needed form was included in the packet passed out at Open House.  All forms are attached to this email.) 

Please make sure to fill out all sections of the forms completely and print clearly! 

There is identical information asked for multiple times throughout these forms.  This is needed as the paperwork is broken down from the packet and distributed to the directors (permission/medical forms) and Booster Board (contact information/contracts).

You will be contacted in the very near future if you are missing forms. 


Upcoming Events:


Bottle Blitz Saturday, August 6th

This is a mandatory fundraiser


Routes are being assigned and we need to make sure all routes are covered . If a family vacation is already scheduled for this date we must be notified immediately, please contact the chairperson listed below.


Each member will be assigned a route to distribute flyers the week before the event and the day of the event they will return and pick up all of the donations along the assigned route


The Bottle Blitz is one of our biggest fundraisers and needs everyone's help to make this a success. This fundraiser puts $5,000-6,000 to the general fund, this helps to subsidize the participation fee, without this fundraiser fees would be about  $75 higher.


Every member benefits from the fundraiser ALL members are required to participate unless excused for an already scheduled vacation/commitment. Please contact the chair people this week if you have a conflict for this fundraiser



Becky Clifford   751-2075

Scott Jesmore  383-8776



Current Fundraisers:


Candy Sales –

Sign out a case of 60 candy bars and earn $24 towards your student account by turning in the funds raised from each case.  These bars practically sell themselves!! 

Contact Kelly Martini @ 457-7437 if you would like to obtain a case.


Home Show Program Ads –


Selling Program Ads for the Home Show Program is a great way to earn funds towards your student account.  You can earn 40% of each ad sold towards your participation fee.


Forms to get started are available when you  sign out a business.


The Boosters try to prevent the local businesses from being contacted by multiple individuals so business leads must be signed out.  Members are limited to 5 contacts at a time so everyone has an opportunity


Please contact Kristie Roeder at and let her know which companies you would like to approach.  Kristie also maintains a list of businesses that have supported us in previous years. It has been our experience that ads sold from members who have contacted specific businesses in the past or have a personal connection with the business have a better chance of being purchased for the current year as a relationship has been established between the band member and the business. 




Ongoing throughout season


Carrier Dome Concession Stand, Dates throughout the Fall and Winter Season

The Dome Stand is our biggest fundraisers and needs everyone's help to make this a success. This fundraiser puts $20,000 to the budget split between student accounts and general fund (this works out to be about $125 towards each member’s participation fee and also helps us to invest back into the program with Capital Expense purchases). ALL member’s fees are subsidized by this fundraiser.  EACH FAMILY IS ASKED TO WORK A MINIMUM OF 3 VOLUNTEER SLOTS, there are a variety of dates/times during football and basketball season to accommodate everyone's schedule.


We staff a concession stand at the Carrier Dome for all SU home football games and basketball games.  We are fortunate to have this stand, as there is a waiting list for these lucrative moneymakers.  In return, we receive 15.5% of the stand’s net profit per event.  We are responsible for preparing all the food that will be sold, fully staffing the stand during each scheduled event, and cleaning up afterwards.  This can be a lot of fun and beneficial for your student account.


We have numerous ways you can sign up to work shifts at the Dome you can click the link in the Band Notes emails


 visit our Website and click on the link "Dome Signup", sign up in the "Dome Book" that will be at practices and meetings, Send a email to the Dome Coordinators or to  


Workers earn $8/hour. For a typical football game workers earned around $56 and for basketball it’s around $40. This is a great way to meet other band parents and to really put a dent in that student account. Workers must be at least 16 years of age (this is a Dome rule, not ours) and family and friends can work towards your account. 


Band members are encouraged to work games that do not conflict with band, and guard members are encouraged to work times between fall and winter season performance days


Dome Committee:     

Teresa Blanchard        727-3036

Tanya Jennings           657-3862

Mark Kenny                  751-4442

Wendy Solberg            436-6152

DON’T FORGET!!!  You can also add to your student account by bringing your returnable bottles to MSK Bottles& Cans on Route 57.  

Let them know that you wish your deposit refund to be applied against your student's account or you can have the monies applied to the general fund!

When bringing your bottles to MSK, please make sure you record the member's name legibly.  We want to make sure all accounts are credited properly.


Upcoming Fundraisers:


Tully's Restaurant Fundraiser   July 18th                          

10% of all sales on Monday July 18th will be credited to the Liverpool High School Marching Band. Attached coupon must be presented for us to get credit. Please share with your family/friends/neighbors


Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser  July 19th - Aug 4th

Otis Spunkmeyer offers cookie dough fundraisers with flavors that include a variety of flavors chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, strawberry shortcake, and more.


Chairperson:  Jim and Nancy Cassella           Phone:  652-0063


Student Accounts

Statements have been mailed/emailed


the 2nd benchmark is due July 15th, at that time all accounts should have a minimum of $225


Payments can be mailed to our Student Accounts Coordinator:

Maureen Wood

820 Second Street

Liverpool, NY13088

All payments should be mailed to the address above or hand delivered to Maureen. Payments should not be given to staff.

If you have any questions concerning your account you can contact Maureen Wood at