Band Notes 3/13/16

Band Notes3-6-16


Like us on Facebook: Events have been created for the upcoming fundraisers.  Make sure you invite your friends.



*Marching Band Booster Meeting*

 Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, 6:00pm

Room 903

Join us!


The Boosters have started the 2016 Marching Band Budget Process.  The March Booster meeting will include voting on the updated 2016 By-Laws, review of the Internal Audit and 2015 budget. Discussions has started on 2016 Fundraisers, if you have suggestions for upcoming fundraisers or comments on fundraisers we have done in the past this is your time to share as we finalize the 2016 fundraisers.  Fundraiser Review Questionnaire is attached, your input is needed in planning the 2016 Fundraisers. Please turn in to any Exec Board member or bring to the meeting.


Woo Whoo - We Did It!   Congratulations everyone for pulling together as a team to fulfill our commitment for the Dome Concession Stand Season!  With the completion of Monster Jam we've earned a break (everyone do your happy dance).   THANK YOU doesn't begin to cover what we want to say to Becky Clifford and Wendy Solberg.  They both clocked in hours of planning, coordinating, communicating, rearranging and scheduling.  On top of that they sacrificed hours upon hours of hard time on their feet at the concession stand pushing out those hot dogs, nachos, drinks & pizza!  We appreciate so much the responsibility they have taken on with regard to supporting the entire LHSMBB.  We also want to recognize their kids who also spent many nights and weekends working the Dome as well because of the commitment their parents made.  That's some pretty great kids, don't ya think?!   Now, of course, it does take Teamwork to make the Dreamwork and we are so grateful to each person who has worked at the Dome this season.  It really doesn't matter if you've been a runner, griller, manager or cashier. Every person who took on a job was valuable to our LHSMBB organization.  So let's be sure to celebrate and say some thank you's when we see each other at our upcoming Booster Meeting!  Speaking of which....


#domestandselfie -   Everyone who has worked Dome Concessions this year...Come out to our Booster Meeting 3/15 to be part of our HUGE DOME STAND SELFIE!   Let's celebrate our Dome Stand Team!   Spread the word and join us #domestandselfie


We will be forming a Dome Steering Committee and our looking for volunteers to serve on this committee. If interested please contact an Executive Board member.



THERE ARE STILL A FEW BOOKS FOR SALE FOR $20. If you would like one, you can pick it up before Music Fest On March 20 for $20 Cash or Check made out to LHSMBB.


Mark Your Calendars Now....2016 Band Camp Dates Announced

Monday, August 15 - Friday, August 19

Band Camp is Mandatory for all Members

Please plan your summer vacation accordingly


**All fundraisers throughout the Winter Season are open to all members – even if you are not participating in a Winter program!

Get a head start on fundraising for next season!**


Any overage in a Student Account can be applied to an upcoming season.  Keep fundraising and have next year's Season paid before the season starts!


Current Fundraisers




Midas Oil Change Coupons – Coupons expire 5/30/16 – coupons available now, no waiting

For a $20 donation, customer will receive:

A coupon card for a free Midas Oil Change OR $20 Off any service.  PLUS – and additional oil change for $12.99 OR $15 off any service. Please contact Annette Davie at

$10 from each sale will be applied to members account


Candy Sales

Please note:  There are a very limited number of cases of World’s Finest Chocolates left to sell.  These are available on a first come first serve basis.   Please plan accordingly!

Sign out a case of 60 candy bars and earn $24 towards your student account by turning in the funds raised from each case.  These bars practically sell themselves!! 

Dave Martini will be at Wetzel Road Elementary, at pick up time, Monday and Wednesday nights.  Candy will be available to pickup and money can be handed in at that time.

Due to the many locations and different nights of practice:

JV, Cadet, and Winter percussion members should directly contact Kelly Martini @ 457-7437 to obtain a case or to make arrangements to turn in money.


Annette Davie is in charge of all fund raising.  Please contact Annette at


DON’T FORGET!!!  You can also add to your student account by bringing your returnable bottles to MSK Bottles& Cans on Route 57.  

Let them know that you wish your deposit refund to be applied against your student's account or you can have the monies applied to the general fund!

When bringing your bottles to MSK, please make sure you record the member's name legibly.  We want to make sure all accounts are credited properly.



All Seniors - Please note that you will be kept on the current list of e-mail recipients until graduation in June and therefore will continue to receive periodic e-mails concerning the Boosters during the Winter season.  At that point your information, along with those of your parents/guardians, will be transferred to our Alumni lists.

Those parents who still have members participating will remain on the standard lists.


Thank you to Band Photographer Cindy Barrus, Band camp photos and photos throughout the season are posted on the Facebook site.

2015 LHSMB-


App link-
App 2015-…/1436…/appstart.html

App All-…/1749…/appstart.html


The Boosters are You!  The Marching Band Boosters is an organization consisting of parents and guardians who would like to participate in the direction of the Liverpool Marching Warriors. 


The goal of the Booster organization is to support the Marching Band Program; to develop and carry out fundraising and other projects which assist with keeping actual out of pocket costs as low as possible; to help promote the Marching Band programs within the school district and the greater community. 



Some area employers (ex. AETNA , BEST BUY, and VERIZON) will give grants to non-profit organizations that their employees volunteer for. Check with your employer and see if such a program exists at your place of employment