Band Notes 11/5/15

The Band Season may be over but there is still opportunities for members (16 and over ) and parents to bond, have fun, and start earning student account credits towards next season.



Never worked the Dome before, don't worry we will get you a "Dome Buddy".  Car Pooling and shuttling will be arranged for those who need it.


Make it a "Section Bonding" event, get together with the members and parents from your section and work together.


If your child is 16 or over and wants to work for his/her account but transportation is an issue....we can help!  Many parents would be willing to transport if they are working the same game.  Contact Becky or Wendy to discuss.


At least 50% of the volunteers each game must be 18 or over.


Get friends and family to work with you, 3 people working a basketball game for the same member would place around $90 in your student account.


You can cover all of next year's participation fees before the season even starts!


Winter Guard/Percussion Parents this is a great way to get a head start on your participation fee before the Winter Season starts.



What do we do at the Dome???


We are responsible for preparing all the food that will be sold, fully staffing the stand during each scheduled event, and cleaning up afterwards.  We need cashiers, soda pourers, runners, prepare nachos, and grill workers.


Workers earn $6/hour.  For a typical football game workers earned around $42 and for basketball it’s around $30.  Workers must be at least 16 years of age (this is a Dome Policy) and family and friends can work towards your account. We need a minimum of 19 volunteers for all events.



Band/Guard/Percussion members are encouraged to work games that do not conflict with rehearsals/competitions


Yes Family and friends even Alumni can work for your account.


New This Year!

Families that work 5 different games earn a $50 bonus in their student account.



The Band Booster’s is very fortunate to staff a concession stand at the Carrier Dome for all SU home football and basketball games.  This stand contributes over $20,000 a year to the Programs and is key in keeping the participation fee at a minimum and helps support new equipment purchases for all programs.


Please contact Becky Clifford @ 751-2075 or Wendy Solberg @ 436-6152 if you are interested in signing up to work a game.


Sign up on-line for a Dome shift @ OR


contactBecky/Wendy through our Dome e-mail @


If you have never managed or money managed but are interested in doing so, see Becky Clifford or Wendy Solberg to get trained and booster board approved. You will receive an additional $25 for each game you manage.


SU Basketball Season has just started and there are many games in need of workers. This is a fun and rewarding opportunity.


Dome Concessions Available Slots


11/13- money manager and 15 food
11/17- manager, money manager, 15 food
11/21- 6 food
11/28- 2 beer (last football game)
12/2- manager, money manager, 14 food, beer unknown
12/8- manager, money manager, 17 food, beer unknown
12/19- 1 beer, 9 food
12/22- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 16 food
12/27- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 11 food
1/6/16- manager, money manager, 2 beer, 17 food
1/9- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 9 food
1/13- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 14 food
1/28- money manager, 3 beer, 16 food
1/30- money manager, 3 beer, 14 food
2/2- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 17 food
2/11- money manager, 3 beer, 14 food
2/20- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 16 food
2/27- manager, money manager, 3 beer, 14 food