Band Notes 10/27/16

Band Notes10/27/2016


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Events have been created for the upcoming fundraisers.  Make sure you invite your friends.


2016 NYSFBC Championship Weekend Schedule


*** The Final Run Through on Saturday is a member only run through.

Parents are asked to meet their kids at the school after the dinner. ***


Saturday, October 29th

12:30pm Rehearsal begins

5:00pm Rehearsal ends

Dome Celebration

The Senior Parents will be hosting a dinner for the members to celebrate our Senior Class

Dinner (provided to ALL Band members by the Senior parents) 

Chicken Tenders, Mac & Cheese, tossed salad, and dessert

6:00pm Dismissal


Sunday, October 30th

1:30pm Rehearsal begins

4:45pm Rehearsal ends; Dinner/Dress for Show

6:00pm Warm Up in LHS Main Gym

6:45pm Leave for Skytop


10:00pm Full Retreat (Awards)

11:15pm Arrive at LHS




Presale Tickets


Tickets for the Dome are not available for presale.  Dome tickets will be available at their box offices on the day of the show. Carrier Dome Championship ticket price is $18 for adults, $12 for seniors and students


NYSFBC Championships Video Information

Dear NYSFBC Parents and Families,

We look forward to your attendance at the New York State Field Band Conference Championships on October 30 at the Carrier Dome.  Our students have been working hard for months and the championship show will be the culminating celebration when the entire state has the chance to be on display.  This is a memory we are sure you want to preserve!  In order to facilitate this, the New York State Field Band Conference has hired a top notch video production company, Box 5, to film and produce a video for you to purchase and preserve the memories for you and your child’s performance.  The permission to video tape and record the performance of music by hundreds of different composers has taken a great deal of legal work, time and expense.  We are REQUIRED BY LAW to ask you to please DO NOT record (audio or video) ANY performance of band at a NYSFBC show including championships.  Please understand that a decision to ignore this request jeopardizes and future relationship with the video company and ability for our students to perform their wonderful music!  If you would like to order a video, you may do so by following these links and directions:


DVD's / Digital Discs



Don't want to order online?  That's ok, you can download our order form and bring it with you or mail it to us.  Open the link below and print out the order form.



2016 Rise of the Machines Yearbook!!!


The Boosters are working hard again this year to put together a full color yearbook documenting the 2016 Rise of the Machines Season.  This book will be approx. 54 pages of full color photos and info about our kids and their Marine Corp Invitational Championship season!  The book will cover Band Camp through our end of the season banquet.


Order forms will be handed out at pick up this week at practice.  Yearbooks are available by PRE ORDER ONLY for $20 each and orders are due back by Sunday Oct 30 (Dome Championship Day). Please turn in to Mrs. Santy or Mrs. Hung at practice.


Attached to the order forms will be the Member Question sheet.  Please have your member fill out this form and return it to either Mrs. Santy or Mrs. Hung by Oct 30th.  The responses on this sheet are used throughout the book to make it personal to this years members.  PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR MEMBER TO COMPLETE AND RETURN IT!!!


We are also asking that parents and members share any photos that they have taken throughout the season for consideration for use in the book.  We are looking for fun shots, candids, performance pics… whatever you think may be beneficial for our use in the book.  You can submit pictures via our eshare site….      The School Access code to enter to get it to the correct place is HJ21164.  You will need to label the pics and fill in the submission info in order for it to go through.


Thank you!!!
LHSMBB Yearbook Committee


Marching Band Banquet – Sunday November 13th


Responses were due by October 20th

If you have not replied please contact Lisa Pesce immediatly

Everyone must respond, including members/staff.


Holiday Inn Liverpool, 441 Electronics Parkway

4:15pm         Doors Open

4:45pm         Introductions

5:00pm         Buffet Dinner

6:00pm         Awards Program

7:30-9:00     Music and dancing


BUFFET DINNER- Adults $25, Children 12 and under $15 (all members attend at no charge but must RSVP to reserve their spot)

Everyone must respond by this date, including members/staff. No reservations/payments will be accepted after October 20th!!!

If you have any questions or did not receive your invitation, please contact Lisa Pesce


All buses are Food Free.

Due to numerous food allergies among members all buses must remain food free.  Nothing will be eaten on the bus.


Members are expected to return to the school on the bus after competitions.

Occasionally a member will need to leave a show with a parent.  The Directors require that a note is turned in on the Thursday before the show. This note should state who will be picking up the Member and the Member is responsible for letting the Directors/Head Chaperone know when their ride has arrived and that they are leaving.


IMPORTANT!  Uniforms reminders


Black Socks

Members must wear black socks with their uniforms.  The socks must be high enough that their legs are not exposed when lifted.


Band members


You are responsible for taking care of your uniform - treat it with respect


-there is to be no "rough play" while in uniform (this includes chasing other band members either inside or outside).  Do not drop your shako on the ground.

-uniforms are to be hung on the hanger

       -pant legs are to be pulled out and the pants folded neatly over the hanger;  creases should be matched up.  Nothing should be left in the pocket of the pants.

       -gauntlets should be folded over the pants which are ON the hanger

       -the jacket should be on the hanger and hooked at the top so it doesn't fall off

 - the only thing that should be in your uniform bag is your uniform (jacket, pants, gauntlets, gloves, berets)---ALL t-shirts and socks MUST BE TAKEN HOME and washed after every show.  Please do NOT leave them in the uniform bag

-please make sure you have all parts of your uniform before returning it to the closet-this includes gloves.  If you lose your gloves you will be given a pair of used(washed) gloves.

-Please remember to wear your show shirt under your jacket-it is part of your uniform (t-shirts are required-please do not wear tank tops)

-the only thing that belongs in your shako box is your shako-do not leave gloves in your shako box

-please take care of your shako-do not drop it on the ground or shove gauntlets etc. in them--also please do not pull hard on the chin straps.  We are experiencing a lot of breakage of the side button pins and the medallion pins.  This year shakos have been assigned by number.  The number is inside the shako and can be found on the tags on the uniform bag and shako box.

-There is no food or drink allowed in the uniform room.

-Finish eating before putting on your uniform on show days.  NO FOOD near you while you are dressing for a show.

-Limit after show snacks to those that will not stain your uniform.

Members must wear black socks with their uniforms.  The socks must be high enough that their legs are not exposed when lifted.