Band Notes - Home Show Edition

Home Show October 8th


It's been a whirlwind weekend of travel, traffic, and amazing performances (and that rain), but now our Home Show is only a few short days away!  It is our goal to make all of our judges, guest bands and their fans feel welcome at our home show. We have a great group of volunteers who have stepped up to help us take good care of our guests and make this the best show around. 

The Executive Board would like to express their thanks for all of the hard work that people already have done and will do to make our show a success. 


Thank you to those who have already volunteered to help!  Most volunteer slots are filled, but we are still looking for some help with Hospitality.  If you are interested and have not signed up elsewhere, please contact Kristen Hallenbeck at


There will be a meeting at 5:45 pm on Tuesday, October 4th for all volunteers in the Senior Cafeteria (Rms 902/904). Not sure what you signed up for way back at Off the Line Night?  Check the list attached to this email.


Baked Goods Request 

Every year for our home show we offer a Bake Sale for the concession stand as well as trays of baked goods for our different hospitality areas-bus drivers, judges, equipment crews, visiting band staff, chaperones, etc… The money generated helps to reduce the cost of marching band fees.


There is a copy of the Bake Sale flier that was distributed to all band members attached to this email. Please drop off your baked goods to room 905 (Home Ec) when students are dropped off on 10/8.  Questions?  Contact Patty Hung at


Concession/Hospitality Requests 

Thank you to those who have already offered to loan us a crockpot or cooler (or two) but we are still in need of the following items:


 5 Crock Pots (medium to large)


5 Heavy Duty Extension Cords (Outdoor)


4 Large Coolers


EZ Up Tents


** Please make sure all items are well labeled. 


All items should be dropped off Saturday in room 905.  If you are willing to loan any of these items, please contact Kristen Hallenbeck.   Thank you!


Advance Sale Tickets

Those family members and friends who are not working the Home Show will still need to purchase a ticket to enter the stadium.

Pre-sale tickets for Saturday’s show will be available at the Booster Table on Thursday evening after practice.  They will not be available on Saturday drop off as the ticket committee will be working their posts at that point.



No need to worry about running a dinner to your member Home Show day. The Booster Club is providing pizza for the band members on Saturday.


If your member would like something other than pizza the concession stand will be open for them to purchase dinner.



Home Show Chair:

Kristen Hallenbeck 622-2746 (Home) 480-9817 (cell)

·       To receive student account payment all workers (18 and over) must sign in & out.  The sign in/sign out book will be located at the concessions table/Home Ec room.  Please remember to sign out, if you do not sign out you will only be paid for 2 hours. When you sign in make sure to stamp your hand so that you will not have to pay to enter the stadium for the show.


·       All members of the uniform, chaperone, equipment crew and Liverpool staff should also be stamped to enter the stadium.


·       You must sign up prior to the day of the show.  Please do not show up that day and offer to help.  Schedules are already set.


·       Members of your family who are not signed up to work, as well as any marching band booster family not working the show, WILL need to pay to see the show.


·       If you are working the morning shift there will be a sign in /sign out sheet in the Home Ec Room.  As the show will not be in progress there is no need for a hand stamp.


·       Supplies needed for your shift will be at the sign in table (example-hand stamps, orange vests, etc.)


·       If you are a Senior parent you will meet at the field level gate by the Scoreboard immediately after Liverpool performs to be introduced with your Senior child.   Please have the kids line up in alphabetical order. As the Seniors are introduced they will walk through the two rows of marching band participants and line up in the middle of field.  


·       All Home Show workers will park in the WEST lot (near 400 wing/Marching Band Field) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE IN THE FINE ARTS LOT! Early morning workers doing concession set up and food prep may park in the Fine Arts lot, but must move their car by 2:00 p.m.


·       Report times are subject to change, please look for Home Show emails for finalized details


·       Cash Control will be handing start-up cash at 4PM for all areas.  They will keep track of start-up amounts handed out.  50/50 raffle ticket sellers must deduct start up before calculating winning amounts.


Show starts at 6:00, Stadium gates will not open to the public until 5:00


Band members are required to stay after the show on Saturday to help with clean up

No Member will be dismissed until after clean-up is complete.

Parental help is also welcome.