Band Notes 9/20/15

Countdown to 2015 Trip


We are almost there!!  Things are being finalized and settled for next weekend.  Following are some updates and reminders to keep in mind. 


Attached is the Student Itinerary and permission to self medicate form.


Presale tickets will be available for Yamaha Cup at Met Life Stadium Tuesday night, booster table at the end of practice. Presale tickets are $26, cost at the gate $30.





  • Guard Uniforms




Drop off is at the START of rehearsal on Tuesday. 


The uniform committee will then place the uniforms in garment bags and pack them for transport. Make sure your uniform is labeled with member’s name



Thursday 9/24


Trip Loading:


Open House is Thursday night and the instrument/equipment need to be out of the high school before 5 PM. Trucks will be at Wetzel Road Elementary for loading.


Percussion/Contra loading right after school

Percussion instruments/Contras  will be loaded right after school. Loading will be at Wetzel Road Elementary. Members must move instruments from high school over to Wetzel road after school on Thursday.


Brass/Woodwind/Guard loading 5PM at Wetzel Road Elementary

All Brass/Woodwind instruments and flag bags will be packed on the trucks at Wetzel Road Elementary

Loading will start at 5PM


  • Rooming and Bus lists are posted in 924


  • Luggage -1 suitcase packed for under bus, 1 small back pack allowed on bus with your personal items, food, ID, refillable water bottle etc. Any iPod’s, MP3’s etc brought at own risk. NO laptops or Ipads.


ALL buses are

Nut free

Due to numerous nut allergies among members all buses must remain nut free.  Please check the labels of any items that may be eaten on the bus

          NO energy drinks

          NO soda

          NO glass bottles


Bus 3


          ALL pepperoni products


          Ranch products     

          green olives


          Asian Dressing



Suitcases will not be accessible Friday during the day so anything needed for rehearsal must be in backpack on the bus. 1 suitcase per student is allowed to go under bus (A regular change of school clothes for Friday dinner should be packed. Nice school clothes, no shorts, ripped jeans, sandals/flip flops.  They will have time to change at the hotel. Practice clothes for Saturday, show shirt and jeans to change into after competition, change of clothes for Sunday, pajamas..)


Student need to absolutely make sure they pack everything needed for their uniform (band shoes, black socks, extra reeds, guard remember make-up/hair accessories.

Do not fill suitcase with energy drinks/soda.  All luggage will be subject to inspection.

  • Dress/Pack for the weather. 
  • No students are allowed to carry medicine ALL medicines and permission to self medicate form, must be turned in to chaperone Friday AM in clear plastic bag w/student’s name.

Permission to Self Medicate form attached.  This needs to be filled out and signed if you would like us to be able to allow your member to take Tylenol/Motrin/Dramamine.


  • The buses will have the ability to play DVD’s.  Members are welcome to bring a movie to share with the group.  Please note the following restrictions for the movies to be brought.

Bus 1- movies must be rated G or PG since the Ninja’s are riding this bus

          Bus 2 & Bus 3 – movies can go up to a PG13 rating

          Staff/Chaperones have the final say on what movies are


  • No glass bottles are allowed.  All containers to be brought on bus must be unopened and sealed.  No coffee’s from Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, no open juices, etc.  Breakfast type food is allowable.


  • ALL meals starting with Friday lunch and ending with Sunday dinner will be provided. Spending money is only needed for souvenirs at Metlife.


  • Bus driver’s TIP in an envelope labeled with members name– min $3 per student! must be brought on bus, exact change please!


  • Our hotel:    

                        Hampton Inn and Suites Mahwah, NJ

                                                                        290 RT 17 South

                                                                        Mahwah, NJ 07430


  • Emergency Numbers:      

            (please use for emergency's only)

            Trip Coordinator:   Maureen Wood 315-925-2423

            Head Chaperone:   Barb Bourgeois 315-415-5274


Uniform DOs and DON'Ts!!


Once members put on their uniforms (after breakfast Saturday) they will stay in them all day.  They will need to bring an extra shirt or their band jacket/sweatshirt to wear over their bibs for lunch and dinner.



 - Bring multiple pairs of BLACK high socks.  The socks must fully cover your ankle so NO skin shows at any time.

 - Bring this year's show shirt to wear on Saturday.

 - Bring previous year show shirt or gray shirt to wear on Sunday.

 - Keep close track of your GLOVES, GAUNTLETS and SHAKO!!  For the trip ONLY you can put your gloves in your shako on Saturday when not stored in the case.

 - Check to be sure you have the right SHAKO.  All shakos have been labeled on the inside with your name.

 - Clasp the neck clasp on the jacket always!  You do not need to zip but the top clasp needs to be closed to keep it on the hanger.



 - Do not put anything other than your pants, jacket, gauntlets and gloves in your garment bag - ever!

 - Do not put valve oil or any liquid in your bag ever!!

 - Do not put show shirts, socks, etc in your bag...ever!


Friday 9/25


6:00am    All Members must report to the Auditorium.


  • Medication and Med Forms will be turned in.  REMEMBER!! You must indicate on the form if you are OK with your child obtaining Motrin/Tylenol/Dramamine.  Otherwise we must call you if your child has need of any of these items.  
  • Luggage inspection will take place. 
  • Buses are loaded by member grade.  i.e. Seniors first, then Juniors, etc. 
  • **Please send $3 in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  This is for the Bus drivers tip and will be collected by the chaperone as you board bus.  Note: this needs to be exact change as the chaperones will not be able to make change. 
  • When you board the bus you must sit two to a seat.  You may save the seat next to you for a friend but you are not allowed to save other seats across the aisle or in front/back of you.


All our buses need to be out of the parking lot before the school day begins so it is asked that members be as efficient as possible in loading and settling down.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

USBands Yamaha Cup: New Jersey - Presented by The Cadets

East Rutherford NJ

Metlife Stadium
1 MetLife Stadium Drive
East Rutherford NJ 07073

Show starts at 9:20 am, Liverpool's performance time is 11:22 am (please note new performance time). Awards 2:30


Fair Lawn High School (Day Event)
Fair Lawn High School
1400 Berdan Ave.
Fair Lawn NJ 07410

Show starts at 2 pm, Liverpool's performance time is 5:05 pm


Piscataway High School
100 Behmer Rd.
Piscataway NJ 08854

Show starts at 3 pm, Liverpool's performance time is 9:30 pm

Sunday, September 27, 2015


NYSFBC Copiague Competition

Copiague High School
1100 Dixon Avenue
Copiague, New York 11726

Show starts at 11 am, Liverpool's performance time is 2:00 pm



TENTATIVE Return time to school is for 9:30 pm.  You can check with your child around that time to find out where they are. 

EVERYONE'S help is needed unloading and storing equipment. Parents are always, welcome to join in and lend a hand. ALL MEMBERS are required to stay at the school until everything is put away where it belongs

NO ONE leaves until dismissed by Mr. Dumas. 


Parents let’s try and give the kids a great welcome at their return from the trip…show up to cheer, honk, etc.  Let’s let them know how awesome we think they are!
TENTATIVE Dismissal will be 10:30pm


Monday, September 27, 2015


ALL students are expected to be in class (ON TIME) on Monday – no exceptions!