Band Notes 8/2/15



This tournament is in jeopardy.


As of current, we do not have enough teams to run it. If we don't get enough teams by Monday August 3rd, we will need to cancel the tournament.


If we eliminate this event from the fundraising budget, this will increase next year's marching band participation fee.


This is a fun tournament and you do not have to be a pro golfer to participate. It is a Captain and Crew (best ball) tournament. Members, friends, neighbors, and any in the community are encouraged to play.


If you are planning on golfing in the LHSMBB Golf Tournament on August 23rd, and you haven't sent an email or submitted the registration form, please email team information to by 5pm this Monday.


Bottle Blitz a success!


Thank you to everyone that participated in this years Bottle Drive (members, families, alumni, helpers) through your efforts we filled the 48 foot tractor trailer floor to ceiling front to back with sorted cans and plastic.  Filled the 26' truck with 8 skids 12 layers high of glass bottles in cases and packed every opening with bags of sorted cans and plastic. We also filled at least 3/4 of the 14 foot truck with mixed bags of returns.  We would also like to send out a special thank you to those who: did extra routes, stayed all day, called for ice cream treats, or paid for ice cream treats.  It is only through the combined effort of every member and all the helpers that we can call this event a success.  THANK YOU!


As our largest general fundraiser event, this is very important. The regional head of the Rescue mission operations stopped by to thank us for again partnering with them and allowing the results of our efforts to also help them help others it is another example of the Liverpool Warriors Pride.


As of this point we had also collected over $169 in donations and I have some additional amounts being dropped off.


Anyone that did not turn your folder with map in please bring to practice Tuesday night and see me in the lobby.


Thursday 8/6 Rehearsal

Next Thursday, rehearsal will be done at 7:15pm so the Warriors can attend Big, Loud, & Live 12 if they choose!  Don't miss out on this awesome chance to see Marching Music's Major League LIVE in the theater at Destiny USA!  And be sure to get your tickets ahead of time!


Student Accounts

Benchmark 2  was due July 15th

All members should have a minimum of $200 in their account

Benchmark 3 is August 15th

All members should have a minimum of $300 in their account by 8/15


If you are having any difficulties reaching this benchmark please contact Jim Dumas,


If you have any questions concerning your student account, or if you would like to know the current balance in your account please contact the Student Accounts Coordinator:  Maureen Wood at .


All payments should be mailed to the address below or hand delivered to Maureen. 

Maureen Wood

820 Second Street

Liverpool, NY  13088


August statements will be emailed this weekend, for those that have chosen to receive paper statements those will be distributed at the end of rehearsal on 8/4. Please look for Maureen Wood in the Wetzel Road lobby.


Fundraising opportunities to help reach the benchmarks are listed below.


Members please exit through the main doors of Wetzel.  All flyers/fundraisers are being distributed at the table in the lobby.  This is also where all fundraisers should be turned in.


Equipment Crew

Equipment Crew assists in the transport and loading/unloading of instruments and show equipment. They also assist with moving heavy equipment such as podium, pit instruments, props, etc  onto and off the field for rehearsals and competitions. Some equipment/prop construction and maintenance is also needed.


Help is needed at Tuesday/Thursday rehearsals and on Show days - rehearsals and competition.


The equipment crew will be meeting at the "Trailers", the A-verdi containers on the side of the marching Band Field between Wetzel Rd and the High School. We need to do some Equipment repairs and reorganize/clean out the containers to prepare for the upcoming season. As band camp approaches and the band settles in to a more predictable routine help will be needed to set up practice, move the front ensemble equipment, etc. The band has some unique challenges as far as storage and practice areas, and we may need to do another move. Dave will share more information as he gets it.


For more information contact the Equipment Chairperson - Dave Wood


Band Camp Sectional Rehearsal Guide:

All the Warriors will rehearse 8-12pm and 5:45-9pm every day, but the afternoon rehearsal slots (1-4pm) are sectionals and specific to each group within the band! Here's the plan for the week 


Monday - Brass, Guard, and Percussion

Tuesday - Woodwinds, Guard, and Percussion

Wednesday - Brass

Thursday - Woodwinds, Guard, and Percussion

Friday - All Sections for BONDING! If your section isn't called that afternoon, go home, get some rest, and enjoy an afternoon of relaxing!


Band Camp Community Water

Each year during Band Camp we ask for parents to volunteer to help fill and deliver the large water jugs to the Marching Field so that the members have enough water on hand during the day to drink. Ice and water are available in the Athletic rooms, we just need to get the jugs from there to the field where the kids are.

We are looking for people who are willing to help out at the following times:

• At drop off first thing in the morning (7:45am)

• At drop off for lunch so the jugs are filled for the afternoon (Noon)

• At drop off for dinner so the jugs are filled for the evening session (4:00pm)

• At pickup to return the jugs to the room at the end of practice (9:00pm)

Even if you can only do one day, one time slot that would be a great help.

The jugs get placed on a cart to bring to the field, but it is more than a one person job to get them there.

A volunteer is needed to coordinate this


Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast- Sunday August 9th

We are still in need of 2 more Parent volunteers for this event.  Parents who can help are asked to please contact Jackie Huckabee.  You can reach her by: email at  OR calling/texting (315) 391-2853


Jackie also has tickets for those who have not purchased.   Please contact her.   Tickets are available up until the day of the event and also available on August 9th at the door.



Please remember: No open-toed shoes, no sandals (sneakers are good). If hair is longer than shoulder length it must be tied back!  Dress appropriately for representing the Marching Band!



All volunteers need to be at Applebee’s on Rte 31 at 7:30 a.m.- there is only one time shift- 7:30- 10:00 a.m. The manager does a brief orientation prior to the breakfast, which begins at 8a.m. You will then be assigned sections for the breakfast.   All volunteers are expected to purchase a ticket.



August General Booster Meeting is

Thursday, August 13th 6:00PM

Wetzel Road Elementary - follow the signs

We hope to see you there!

Picture Buttons

Pictures will be taken of every member in uniform during Sneak Preview; pictures will be made into buttons, $3 each or 2 for $5. Order forms were handed at Off-the-Line and a copy is attached, Justine will be at the Booster Table in the Wetzel Lobby at the end of rehearsal this week to collect orders and payments. If you placed your order at Off-the-Line but did not pay please turn in your money to Justine. If you have any additional questions, please contact Justine Recuparo


Spirit Committee

Show Shirt Order coming soon!

Show Shirts (shirts designed with the 2015 Show Theme and worn by family and friends to the shows)

Members will be provided one grey shirt at no charge to be worn under the Band Uniform. Band members who would like an orange show shirt are welcome to order with their family

A note to new families, show shirts are worn by most parents to the shows.  This is your only chance to order one.


Lanyards for dot books are $3, they are being sold at the end of rehearsals.  Band camp is coming and you will need a lanyard for Band camp


Spirit Wear catalog is being finalized.  This will be your opportunity to purchase Liverpool Marching Band hoodies, jackets, sleep pants...

Any questions about show shirts or spirit wear please contact Drew Deapo at 


Candy Sales

Money is due for candy signed out at Off-the-Line night

Candy is available Tuesday and Thursday nights at pick up and money can be handed in at that time.

Sign out a case of 60 candy bars and earn $24 towards your student account by turning in the funds raised from each case.  These bars practically sell themselves!! 


Contact Kelly Martini @ 457-7437 if you would like to obtain a case.



The following Student Account Fundraisers are also starting:


Fundraiser to Benefit The Liverpool H.S. Marching Band, Wed. Aug. 19, 6:30-8:30 | Sip of Color  (click for info) & see website.   Participants will be able to choose between which picture they would like to paint either “Fire bird” OR “The Tree of Life” 


Home Show Program Ads

Selling Program Ads for the Home Show/Winter Guard home shows is a great way to earn funds towards your student account.  You can earn 40% of each ad sold towards your participation fee.


Forms to get started are available on the website: Fundraising


If you have contacted businesses in the past for the programs, please contact Kristie Roeder at and let her know which companies you are going to approach.  The Boosters tries to prevent the local businesses from being contacted by multiple individuals. 

Anyone who wishes to sign out the 5 program ad contacts they had from last year should also contact Kristie.  It has been our experience that ads sold from members who have contacted specific businesses in the past have a better chance of being purchased for the current year as a relationship has been established between the band member and the business. 


Dome Sign-up

The Boosters staff a concession stand at the Carrier Dome for all SU home football games and basketball games. We are fortunate to have this stand as this is the single biggest contributor to the General Fund and is key in keeping the participation fee at a minimum.


We are responsible for preparing all the food that will be sold, fully staffing the stand during each scheduled event, and cleaning up afterwards. This can be a lot of fun and beneficial for your student account.


Workers earn $6/hour. For a typical football game workers earned around $42 and for basketball it’s around $30. Workers must be at least 16 years of age (this is a Dome rule, not ours) and family and friends can work towards your account.


Band members are encouraged to work games that do not conflict with band, and guard members are encouraged to work times between fall and winter season performance days. 


New This Year!......Families that work 5 different games earn a $50 bonus in their student account.


Please contact Becky Clifford @ 751.2075 or Wendy Solberg @ 436-6152 if you are interested in signing up to work a game.


Sign up on-line for a Dome shift @ OR

contact  Becky/Wendy through our Dome e-mail @ OR

sign up in the DOME book at the end of practices on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


If you have never managed or money managed but are interested in doing so, see Becky Clifford or Wendy Solberg to get trained and booster board approved.


DON’T FORGET!!!  You can also add to your student account by bringing your returnable bottles to MSK Bottles& Cans on Route 57. 

Let them know that you wish your deposit refund to be applied against your student's account or you can have the monies applied to the general fund!

When bringing your bottles to MSK, please make sure you record the member's name legibly.  We want to make sure all accounts are credited properly.


Full Band rehearsals have started Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-9 PM at Wetzel Road

Please note our summer rehearsal policy below



All students should be well hydrated and fed before any rehearsal begins......just as an athlete would.


Summer Rehearsals:

“Summer” rehearsals start with the first pre-season rehearsal and continue up to the beginning of Band Camp in August. Members are expected to attend a minimum of four rehearsals during this time period. As previously noted an excuse for any planned absence from a rehearsal or performance needs to be submitted in writing to the Director at least two weeks in advance and must include the reason for the upcoming absence.


Summer & Fall Fundraisers

8/9 -   Applebee's

8/17 – Canales

8/19 - Sip of Color

8/20 - Entertainment Apps

8/23 - Golf Tournament

8/30 - Sneak Preview

9/10 - Yankee Candle

9/16 - Chipotle


9/30 - Denny's


The LHSMBB is a volunteer organization!  Volunteers are needed to chair events throughout the season.  Planning will begin soon for our Home Show and we are still in need of individuals to shadow the Home Show Coordinator.   Please contact Joan Mashayekhi at if you would like to step up to chair, co-chair, or shadow an event.  


The Boosters are you!  The Marching Band Boosters is an organization consisting of parents and guardians who would like to participate in the direction of the Liverpool Marching Warriors. 


The goal of the Booster organization is to support the Marching Band Program; to develop and carry out fundraising and other projects which assist with keeping actual out of pocket costs as low as possible; to help promote the Marching Band programs within the school district and the greater community. 


Like us on Facebook:   : Events have been created for the upcoming fundraisers.  Make sure you invite your friends.