Band Notes 6/14/15

Jim Dumas's Program Packet with the Parent/Member Contract was due by June 6th. Please return Parent/Member contract this week if you are returning. (see attached)


Congratulations to Julianna Bourgeois, the winner of the 2015 LHS Marching Warriors Scholarship


Calling all Parents!!!

We are looking for volunteers to be “Booster Buddies". A Booster Buddy is a veteran parent that will be teamed up with a new parent in their section to help answer any questions that they may have. Kristie Roeder is chairing this program. Please contact her at if you would like to participate.


Our 1st Fundraiser of the season was distributed at Open House


Delta Sonic Ticket Fundraiser

We are selling tickets for either Delta Sonic Super Kiss Wash or Super Kiss & Interior Cleaning


Here is what we are offering:


Super Kiss Wash $12.00

5-Day Guarantee – Wash again for Free

·        Touch-Less Wash

·        Revitalizer

·        Brake Dust Remover

·        Clearcoat Protectant

·        Clearcoat Polish

·        Underspray

·        Rust Inhibitor

For each Super Kiss Wash ticket sold $5.00 will go into your student account!


Super Kiss w/ Interior Cleaning $19.00

5-Day Guarantee – Wash again for Free

·        Super Kiss

·        Vacuum

·        Glass Polished

·        Door Jambs

·        Floormats

·        Fragrance

·        Tire Dressing


For each Super Kiss and Interior Cleaning ticket sold $6.00 will go into your student account!


All checks to be made out to LHSMBB and please include the students name on the check.  Orders and money are due on Thursday, June 25th at Off the Line Night.  The tickets will be in with 10 days after the close of the sale and will be distributed at practices.


This is a great way to boost your student account as these tickets practically sell themselves, they are great for:  Birthdays, Thank You’s, Christmas Gifts, etc…


If you have any questions or would like an order form, please feel free to call or email:

Joan Mashayekhi      451-9615


To All Marching Band Members:

We are ready to kick off this year's 2015  Home Show Ad Campaign!  This is one of our biggest fundraisers.


The LHS Marching Band Boosters would like to give all members the opportunity to sell the same ads that they sold last year.  In order to do this we are asking that you email Kristie Roeder at, with your request no later than June 19th.   These leads will be set aside in an envelope with your name on them to pick up on "Off-The-Line-Night" Thursday, June 25th.   Any lead cards that are not picked up that night will be eligible for signing out to other members. 



You may check out up to five (5) business lead index cards with names of businesses that have advertised in the past. Or you may give us a list of businesses that you would like to contact.  (Please do not contact them before you give us the list.  This ensures that businesses will only be contacted once by our organization.)  Once you have closed out the lead you may get additional lead index cards from Kristie Roeder. 


This is a great way to get a head start on your student account....Happy Selling!


Student Accounts

Statements were handed out at Open House, returning members must have the $100 deposit in their account by 6/15. Please check your statement and mail balance due to:


Maureen Wood

820 Second Street

Liverpool, NY  13088


All payments should be mailed to our Student Accounts Coordinator (at the above address).

If you have any questions concerning your student account, you can contact Maureen at


Golf Tournament

Do you work for a company that would be willing to donate a prize or sponsor a hole at our golf tournament?  If so, please contact Nancy Cassella at


Save the Dates



June 25 - Off the Line Parents Meeting/Boosters Info Fair (LHS)

June 25/26 - Off the Line Camp (LHS)

July 6 - Rookie/New Parent Night (will be held at the Wetzel Road Elementary building next to the high school. Please enter at the front door and you will be guided to the meeting room.)


Band Camp 2015

Band Camp for the 2015 marching season is set for the week of August 10th-14th.  Please keep these dates in mind when planning your summer travel plans.  Band camp is MANDATORY for all who plan to march in the upcoming season!


Summer Fundraisers

6/26 Chuckleberries

7/11 Car Wash

8/1 Bottle Drive

8/9 Applebees

8/23 Golf Tournament

8/30 Sneak Preview


The LHSMBB is a volunteer organization!  Volunteers are needed to chair events throughout the season.  Please contact Joan Mashayekhi at if you would like to step up to chair, co-chair, or shadow an event.


DON’T FORGET!!!  You can also add to your student account by bringing your returnable bottles to MSK Bottles& Cans on Route 57.  

Let them know that you wish your deposit refund to be applied against your student's account or you can have the monies applied to the general fund!

When bringing your bottles to MSK, please make sure you record the member's name legibly.  We want to make sure all accounts are credited properly.


The Boosters are you!

Boosters Club membership is open to all parents and legal guardians of current LHS Marching Band, Winter Guard & Percussion Ensemble Members.


The Boosters is simply an organization consisting of parents, guardians and current Band/Guard members who would like to participate in the direction of the Liverpool Marching Warriors.


It is the goal of the Booster organization to support the Marching Band Fall & Winter programs; to develop and carry out fundraising and other projects which assist with keeping actual out of pocket costs as low as possible and to help promote the Marching Band Fall & Winter programs within the school district and the greater community.


The success of the program depends greatly on the efforts of volunteer parents.  There are many opportunities to pitch in and help the boosters organization and your help is definitely welcome and appreciated.  You will find that the more involved you become in this activity, the more you appreciate what a great opportunity this is for these kids.


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