Band Notes 10/18/15

Band Notes10-18-15


Like us on Facebook: Events have been created for the upcoming fundraisers.  Make sure you invite your friends.


Student Accounts

Benchmark 5 - Final Paymentwas due on October 15th.

All members should have a minimum of $500 in their account.  If you are in the process of fundraising or signed up to work the DOME, you can subtract this from your benchmark.  Just email Maureen about this so she knows.


If you plan on participating in the Winter Season your Fall Fees must be paid.  


If you have any questions concerning your student account, or if you would like to know the current balance in your account please contact the Student Accounts Coordinator:  Maureen Wood at .


All payments should be mailed to the address below or hand delivered to Maureen. 

Maureen Wood

820 Second Street

Liverpool, NY13088


Nominated 2016 Executive Board Members will be elected at the November booster meeting.  Anyone interested in the vacant President position, please contact any Executive Board Member.

Vice President - Annette Davie

Treasurer - Rob LaDuc

Student Accounts - Maureen Wood

Recording Secretary - Karen Santy

Corresponding Secretary - Wanda Kenny

Financial Secretary - Carol Stapleton

Public Relations - Lisa Young




Dome Sign-up

The Boosters staff a concession stand at the Carrier Dome for all SU home football games and basketball games. We are fortunate to have this stand as this is the single biggest contributor over $20,000 a year to the General Fund and is key in keeping the participation fee at a minimum. As such we need to keep the stand staffed properly for all events or we risk losing the stand.

 Due to low staffing numbers at the past few games, the Dome has moved us to smaller stands that do not bring in nearly as much profit. It is important that we keep our original stand as it is one of the best placed stands for both football and basketball to bring in ultimate profit. 

 We are responsible for preparing all the food that will be sold, fully staffing the stand during each scheduled event, and cleaning up afterwards. This can be a lot of fun and beneficial for your student account.

Workers earn $6/hour. For a typical football game workers earned around $42 and for basketball it’s around $30. Workers must be at least 16 years of age (this is a Dome rule, not ours) and family and friends can work towards your account.

Band members are encouraged to work games that do not conflict with band, and guard members are encouraged to work times between fall and winter season performance days. 

Yes Family and friends even Alumni can work for your account.

New This Year!......Families that work 5 different games earn a $50 bonus in their student account.

We still have several openings for the games on

10/24 (9 openings)

11/2 (14 openings) 

11/8 (manager, money manager and 11 openings)


If your child is 16 or over and wants to work for his/her account but transportation is an issue....we can help!  Many parents would be willing to transport if they are working the same game.  Contact Becky or Wendy to discuss.


Winter Guard Parents this is a great way to get a head start on your participation fee before the Winter Season starts.

Please contact Becky Clifford @ 751.2075 or Wendy Solberg @ 436-6152 if you are interested in signing up to work a game.

Sign up on-line for a Dome shift @ OR

contactBecky/Wendy through our Dome e-mail @ OR sign up in the DOME book at the end of practices on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

If you have never managed or money managed but are interested in doing so, see Becky Clifford or Wendy Solberg to get trained and booster board approved.


Dinners will be provided for members for the remainder of the season!

Next week - Central Square, Hot Dogs and Macaroni & Cheese

Dome Dinner on Saturday, 10/31 - Dome dinner menu:  Baked Ziti, pasta with Alfredo sauce, Chicken tenders, bread, salad, fruit and desert.

Dome Day - Subs


A meeting has been scheduled with Dr. Potter to discuss options for Winter Guard practice space.  Circle Monday, 10/26 on your calendar for the next Board of Education meeting, in case we need to bring this issue to a higher level, should there not be a resolution before then.


Destiny USA Candy Sale Fundraiser- Scheduled for Black Friday & Saturday and the following Saturdays 12/5, 12/12, 12/19.   More information will come out next week.  This is open all members.  Terry Smith is looking for a shadow to learn the ropes.  Contact Terry at


2015 Firebird Yearbook

This year, the boosters are excited to introduce a new item for purchase for all of our families.  The first Liverpool Marching Warriors Yearbook will be available for pre order in the coming weeks.  The cost of the book will be approx. $20.  Pre order form was included with the banquet invitations.  Yearbooks will be available by PRE ORDER ONLY so please make sure to return the form and payment by the due date 10/31.


Along with the photos and results from the season, we would like to use some of our members stories, quotes etc... in this year's book.  On the trip, we distributed a questionnaire form to each member.  Very few were returned.  Please ask your child if their form has been returned.  If not, please print out the attached form and return it to an Exec Board member at their next practice!  This book is meant to be a keepsake for our Warriors.  The best way to make it about them is to include their thoughts and stories!

Thank you! 

LHSMB Yearbook Committee


Marching Band Banquet – Sunday November 15, 2015

Invitations were handed out after Tuesday's & Thursday's practice.

Responses must be received by October 31st. 

Holiday Inn Liverpool, 441 Electronics Parkway

4:15pm         Doors Open

4:45pm         Introductions

5:00pm         Buffet Dinner

6:00pm         Awards Program

7:30-9:00     Music and dancing


BUFFET DINNER- Adults $25, Children 12 and under $15 (all members attend at no charge but must RSVP to reserve their spot)

Everyone must respond by this date, including members/staff. No reservations/payments will be accepted after October 31st!!!

If you have any questions or did not receive your invitation, please contact Nancy at

Candy Sales

Candy is available Tuesday and Thursday nights at pick up and money can be handed in at that time.

Sign out a case of 60 candy bars and earn $24 towards your student account by turning in the funds raised from each case.  These bars practically sell themselves!! 


Contact Kelly Martini @ 457-7437 if you would like to obtain a case.


End of Practice and After Show Help is Appreciated

At the end of Practices and when we return from the shows the entire pit equipment needs to be put back in the school and the props and podiums put away in the trailers. When you see stuff getting unloaded please give the kids and equipment crew a hand bringing it into the school. This will help everyone to get done quicker and released sooner.



November’s General Booster Meeting is

Thursday, November 12th 6:00PM

LHS Room 902

The LHSMBB is you!  Please attend so you know what is going on and can

have a say.


The competitive season is ....well almost over....

Students are expected to dress up for school on Friday’s in honor of their competition on Saturday. 


With the competitive season upon us there are a few things you need to know:


Presale Tickets

Patti Hung, Jennifer Caporin and Tracey Folley will be selling advance sale tickets for the Saturday shows and will be available at the Booster Table on Thursdays and at the Fine Arts entrance at the dinner break on Saturdays.  These tickets are available for purchase for $6 each, saving yourself $2 per ticket and standing in line at the show.


All buses are Food Free

Due to numerous food allergies among members all buses must remain food free.  Nothing will be eaten on the bus.


Members are expected to return to the school on the bus after competitions

Occasionally a member will need to leave a show with a parent.  The Directors require that a note is turned in on the Thursday before the show. This note should state who will be picking up the Member and the Member is responsible for letting the Directors/Head Chaperone know when their ride has arrived and that they are leaving.


Black Socks

Members must wear black socks with their uniforms.  The socks must be high enough that their legs are not exposed when lifted.


Show Tips

A few tips for attending shows: 

Our students love to have people in the stands cheering them on, and it is great if they can look out and see a sea of orange with ‘Pool people all sitting together.  It is also important to remember that all marching band programs work hard and deserve our respect and admiration.


· You may want to get to the shows as close to the start of them as possible to get good seats.  The stadiums tend to fill up quickly and choice seats are near the 50 yard line.

· It is a good idea to bring a blanket or something to sit on.  The bleachers can get hard!

· Bring layers.  Once the sun goes down it can get chilly quickly this time of year.


Parents please remember that the kids need our support.  Show up at performances and cheer them on….they all appreciate our support!


The group has a tradition of going to Applebee’s on Route 31 after the show. (Applebee’s offers us great specials such as ½ price appetizers.) We hope to see you there!


Drop Off and Pick Up is now at the high school, we are no longer using Wetzel Road. If the band is at the Stadium they will be dismissed from the Stadium, if they are at the Marching Band Field they will be dismissed from the Marching Band Field.


Booster Table

As weather permits the band will now be rehearsing on the “Marching Band Field” or Stadium if available.  Now that Band is in full swing ALL distribution, collection, and information releasing will be at this location from now on.  Look for the “Booster Table” at the rear of the field.  Parents are encouraged to come and view the final run through.  We do ask that you keep your conversations at a soft volume during rehearsals. 



As weather and space permits the band will be rehearsing on the “Marching Band Field”.  Parents are encouraged to come and view the final run through.  We do ask that you keep your conversations at a soft volume during rehearsals.  When rehearsals end at the field all fundraisers will be distributed/turned in at the field.   Look for the “Booster Table” at the rear of the field.  As a reminder please do not park in the circle by the band field or in the fire lane by the school entrance.  There are plenty of parking spaces to park in.  Pit equipment must be moved from the field back to the school.  When you park in the fire lanes it makes it very difficult for the members and the equipment crew to move the pit equipment and puts your kids in harms way of vehicles.


Thank you to Band Photographer Cindy Barrus, Band camp photos and photos throughout the season are posted on the Facebook site.

2015 LHSMB-


App link-
App 2015-…/1436…/appstart.html

App All-…/1749…/appstart.html


DON’T FORGET!!!  You can also add to your student account by bringing your returnable bottles to MSK Bottles & Cans on Route 57. 

Let them know that you wish your deposit refund to be applied against your student's account or you can have the monies applied to the general fund!

When bringing your bottles to MSK, please make sure you record the member's name legibly.  We want to make sure all accounts are credited properly.


The Boosters are You!  The Marching Band Boosters is an organization consisting of parents and guardians who would like to participate in the direction of the Liverpool Marching Warriors. 


The goal of the Booster organization is to support the Marching Band Program; to develop and carry out fundraising and other projects which assist with keeping actual out of pocket costs as low as possible; to help promote the Marching Band programs within the school district and the greater community. 



Some area employers (ex. AETNA , BEST BUY, and VERIZON) will give grants to non-profit organizations that their employees volunteer for. Check with your employer and see if such a program exists at your place of employment