The summer is almost history, you survived the mosquitoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays Band Camp is a memory and you have had it up to your eyeballs with fundraising. Now the time has come... the band is ready for their first competition. For those families who are about to experience this for the first time, I will share with you what many have learned through experience.  How to go to a show.

Hopefully by now you have purchased a T-shirt with the logo for the show.  Other acceptable attire includes anything orange. If you have orange pom-poms, flags or banners bring them along.  As the season progresses it gets a little chilly at night in the bleachers so be sure to check the weather. Most families will bring a blanket or seat cushion to sit on, too.

If you know ahead of time that you will be going you should buy presale tickets. This not only will save you a buck but more importantly it will save you a lot of time when you get to the show site and you won't have to stand in a long line to get tickets. Plan on getting to the show site when the gates open as seating us usually limited and the seats go fast.  A lot of families leave after they drop off dinner to their kids at the field. At least once during the season you should plan on getting there before the gates open. This way you get to watch the pros in action. They have been standing in line for over an hour and when the gates open they charge towards the bleachers as fast as they can to race for the best seats - as high as you can get on the 50 yard line. Some will run outright others prefer the quick walk, and the best will combine the two and throw in a little skip. I find it rather amusing.

When you get there, look for Liverpool families and grab a seat. Save a couple of seats near you and others from Liverpool will join you. They'll save a few seats and so on then before you know it we have our own orange cheering section. There will be programs for sale and usually 50-50 raffles. You can bring snacks with you but you might find it hard to resist some of the food and drinks for sale. It's a good idea to help out the hosting band by buying something, and when you see a booster from the hosting band let them know what a nice job they did on their Home Show.  Lord knows, they won't get much recognition for all of their hard work.

Once the show starts, you cannot enter or leave the stands while a band is on the field.  Talking to your neighbors is also a no-no. It takes a few minutes for one band to leave the field and another to enter so make a run for it if you have to but NEVER before Liverpool is about to perform.  You might not get back into the stands on time and you'll miss all of the excitement. And it is exciting...  Liverpool boosters are notoriously loud (but not obnoxious) in the stands. We cheer for all of the bands, knowing that all of the kids, no matter where they are from, have worked very hard to perform their show. We never boo or voice negative opinions about other bands or the judges.  (Even when the judges have clearly miscalculated!) Our kids get a standing ovation when they enter and leave the field each and every time. 

After the competition, the kids load up on the buses, families are stuck in traffic for awhile and when the dust is cleared, everyone heads back to the high school rear parking lot. When the buses pull in, the parents like to wake up the surrounding neighborhood by honking our car horns to announce their arrival. The kids love that. I'm not so sure about the neighbors! Again, another standing ovation on the sidewalk and at that point the kids are sufficiently applauded. Once they've changed back into their street clothes you might think that it's time to go home and hit the sack... wrong! If you're like most of us you will enjoy a good meal with good friends, usually at Applebee's Restaurant. Hope to see you there!


For schedule details for each performance check the Performance Schedule or Calendar!

Thanks to Band Parent JoAnne Lavalle for this great insight!