Below are our 2017 Fall Marching Band Fundraisers:


CARRIER DOME CONCESSION STAND - Ongoing throughout the season, this excellent Student Account Fundraiser is coordinated by Wendy Solberg, Tanya Jennings, Mark Kenny, and Teresa Blanchard (  To participate, you can download the Hold Harmless Form and click on THIS LINK to sign up for a specific game and shift!




GENERAL FUNDRAISERS (All members are expected to participate):

CAR WASH-  Saturday, July 15 (10:00 - 1:00)

Each year the band hosts car washes at several locations throughout the district.  The car washes are “free” however we do accept donations.  All band members are required to work at least one shift during the day.  Parents are needed to supervise at each location.

       Chairperson:  Jim Cassella                  


BOTTLE BLITZ-  Saturday, August 5

This is a massive, one-day bottle drive.  Each band member will receive a map of a specific area within the Liverpool School District to canvass.  The week before the bottle drive, students are asked to place flyers in the doors of their individual routes.  On the day of the Bottle Drive, each student will go door-to-door within their area and collect what has been placed out, or ask for donations of bottles and cans to support the Liverpool Marching Band.

ALL Parents are needed to drive the students on different routes between 9 AM and 1 PM.

Collected bottles and cans are to be brought to Wetzel Road Elementary for sorting. Students are expected to help sort once they have canvassed their entire area.  All band and guard members are required to participate.  Parent help is also needed at the school for sorting and bagging.  We are usually done by 3:00 PM.  Mr. Dumas must be contacted if a student has a conflict with this date.

                   Chairperson: Becky Clifford & Scott Jesmore                         



The Saturday before Band Camp we hold a Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee’s (3975 Route 31 in Clay).  Each member is required to volunteer for 1 shift: greeting, seating, serving, or bussing tables. The members sell tickets in advance.  Tickets are $6 and entitle the bearer to 3 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon and unlimited juice or coffee. $4.00 of each ticket goes to the General Fund

                   Chairperson:  Lisa Young                                                    


SNEAK PREVIEW SHOW  -  Sunday, August 27

This is the first performance in full uniform of this season’s show. It is presented for the enjoyment of the community and our families and friends. The Boosters hold a Fundraiser Dinner for before the show and this year we will be having a cookout available. The band will then perform their show (usually twice) for the enjoyment of the spectators. 

This is a special evening for band members, families and our very supportive community.

       Chairperson:  Wendy Solberg & Tanya Jennings                           



The Booster Club has been teaming up with area restaurants for a new and easy fundraiser that will benefit the Marching Band and you. Local restaurants have been asked to donate a percentage of sales generated on a specific day back to the band.  You will get a quick and easy dinner and the Marching Band will profit from the fundraiser.  Coupon’s will be distributed at rehearsals, posted on the website, and sent via email.  Tell all your family and friends!  

Scheduled to Date:




Some area employers (AETNA, BEST BUY, & VERIZON to name a few) will give grants to non-profit organizations that their employees volunteer for. Please check with your employer and see if such a program exists at your place of employment.



Participation in these is optional/voluntary.  A percentage of profits from the following will go to your members account.

CANDY SALE:  Ongoing throughout season

This traditionally has been one of our biggest fund-raisers.  Band members will receive $24 profit (per 60 bar case) into his/her student account for each paid box.  You must check out and turn in money for an entire box of 60 bars.  Cases, full or partial, may not be returned.  Only 2 cases may be signed out at a time and must be paid for within a month of signing out.  Unpaid cases will be debited from the members account and sign out privileges will be revoked.  The candy chairperson will set up a schedule and location for distributing boxes of candy and for collecting money throughout the season; kickoff is Off the Line Night.

       Chairperson:  Kelly and Dave Martini                                                                   


CARRIER DOME CONCESSION STAND – Ongoing throughout season

Carrier Dome Concession Stand, Dates throughout the Fall and Winter Season

The Dome Stand is our biggest fundraisers and needs everyone's help to make this a success. This fundraiser puts $20,000 to the budget split between student accounts and general fund (this works out to be about $125 towards each member’s participation fee and also helps us to invest back into the program with Capital Expense purchases). ALL member’s fees are subsidized by this fundraiser.  EACH FAMILY IS ASKED TO WORK A MINIMUM OF 3 VOLUNTEER SLOTS, there are a variety of dates/times during football and basketball season to accommodate everyone's schedule.

We staff a concession stand at the Carrier Dome for all SU home football games and basketball games.  We are fortunate to have this stand, as there is a waiting list for these lucrative moneymakers.  In return, we receive 15.5% of the stand’s net profit per event.  We are responsible for preparing all the food that will be sold, fully staffing the stand during each scheduled event, and cleaning up afterwards.  This can be a lot of fun and beneficial for your student account.

We have numerous ways you can sign up to work shifts at the Dome you can click the link in the Band and Guard notes emails (, you can visit our Website and click on the link "Dome Signup", sign up in the "Dome Book" that will be at practices and meetings, Send a email to the Dome Coordinators or to  

 Workers earn $8/hour. For a typical football game workers earned around $56 and for basketball it’s around $40. This is a great way to meet other band parents and to really put a dent in that student account. To make this fundraiser a success and to share the workload, each family is asked to work at least 2 football games and 5 basketball games.  Workers must be at least 16 years of age (this is a Dome rule, not ours) and family and friends can work towards your account.  

Band members are encouraged to work games that do not conflict with band, and guard members are encouraged to work times between fall and winter season performance days

Dome Committee:  Wendy Solberg, Tanya Jennings, Mark Kenny, and Teresa Blanchard                                        


HOME SHOW PROGRAM ADS -  July, August, September
This is the program that we sell at the admissions table at the home show.  The business’ ad will be entered into the programs for the Home Show and businesses will have the opportunity to advertise for the Winter Guard Home Show (held in March 2017) at a discounted cost.
Members are asked to solicit ads from area businesses, with 40% of the cost of each ad sold credited to the band member’s student account.  For instance, a full page ad which sells for $125 would put $50 into the student’s account.
The chairperson maintains a list of businesses to contact so there is no duplication of effort.
         Chairperson:  Kristie Roeder                                   e-mail:       
  Graphic Designer: Sharon Bellows-Verwij



Each week during the marching band season, we compete at a school in the area.  Once a season we host other bands and this is called our “Home Show”.  Traditionally our members perform in exhibition that night and we honor our seniors who will be leaving at the end of season.  This is a major fund-raiser requiring the help of ALL.  This is an all-day event which requires workers in the concession stand, for security, parking, selling admission tickets, greeting incoming bands, recording and tabulating the scores for the judges, hospitality (for judges and chaperones) and clean up.  Workers over 18 will earn $4/hour worked toward their student’s account.  Band members will be required to help with the cleanup at the end of the night.

       Chairperson:  Kristen Hallenbeck              




These are short 2 - 3 week fund-raisers that run during the season. Profit amounts vary with each product (most fundraisers are 25%-30% profit). 10% of the sale goes to the Boosters Club “general fund”. Band members receive the balance of the profit into their student account.  Specific fund-raisers and sale dates announced will be confirmed during the season.